Building Community One Recipe at a Time

Where does the time go? In May 2010 I wrote about eating local food (food that is close to your home) and how it builds community.  Well guess what this is not new news!! It happened all over again this summer in Alberta as the community of eaters, growers and producers came together.  The feeling of community was so strong for me this summer that I felt I missed something if I was away and missed the market or couldn’t get my ‘picking ‘ fix.  Does that sound familiar?

Operation Fruit Rescue - Making the Most of Edmonton's Fruit Harvest

Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton (OFRE) is a cool little idea that is growing to be big.  The ‘coles notes’ version of the program is that people who own property with fruit trees or shrubs and don't want to or cannot harvest the fruit, can connect with people willing and eager to pick it for them.  One third of the harvest from each picking goes to a community agency, such as a youth shelter or a soup kitchen, one third of the harvest goes to the property owner if they would like it, and one third goes home with the p

Edmonton High School Creates Perennial Food Forest

wpid-IMG_6438-2010-05-19-19-41.jpgSince February, I have been fortunate enough to work with students at Jasper Place High School to create a perennial food forest system in the school's largest courtyard.  Containing more than seventy different edible perennial herb species, the garden is not dependant on outside human care; of particular importance for summer holidays.  As the

Federal Food Policy - Can I really make a difference?

This week is the launch of the second round of  People’s Food Policy Project (PFPP) Kitchen Table talks.  It’s an exciting week with lots of people all over Canada hosting and attending Kitchen Table talks.  One of the focuses for these talks is to review and give feedback on 10 Policy Chapters that have been drafted based on input from Canadians.  Many of these are policies that are aimed at changes that are needed at the federal level to improve food sovereignty in Canad

Have Your Say on Food Policy

The People’s Food Policy Project is a pan-Canadian network of citizens and organizations that is creating Canada’s first food sovereignty policy.

The heart of food sovereignty is reclaiming decision-making power in the food system. This means that people have a say in how their food is produced and where it comes from. Food sovereignty seeks to rebuild the relationship between people and the land, and between those who grow and harvest food and those who eat it. 


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