Starting a Community Kitchen: Thoughts from Vulcan’s Community Kitchen

Community kitchens can be a great way of growing a positive food culture and building local community. Vulcan’s Community Kitchen had its start about a year ago, and in the process we’ve learned a few things about how to get a kitchen group going. Here are some steps we went through:
· Building a team: Starting with a coalition of people can ensure that the kitchen initiative has a strong and supportive base, such that it is sustainable. Establishing a group can also ensure that ideas and strategies are bounced around and built on.

Growing Food Security in Alberta…One Community At a Time

Food Security and food sovereignty are hot topics in the news these days. People are starting to think more about where their food comes from, who grew it, how was it produced, what’s in it, and how far did it travel. They are starting to be interested in growing and cooking their own food, and they are beginning to see the importance of a vibrant local food system.


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