Alberta Food Matters! (operating as GFSA)

For over 13 years Growing Food Security in Alberta (GFSA) is now operated by Alberta For Matters (AFM).  Over its 13 years GFSA supported many projects and initiatives across Alberta focusing on food security/food sovereignty using an asset based community development approach. Dietitians of Canada supported some of GFSA financial requests for these projects. Seven hundred groups and individuals are now part of the Network, all seeking to connect and work together to achieve food sovereignty and food security in Alberta and understand the real value of real food. There have been many local community and organizational achievements over the past years – gardens, urban farming, local good food boxes and co-ops, community dinners and kitchens, permaculture activity, enhancing ‘local’ food procurement and food literacy in schools, and spearheading food policy change.

The non-profit company - Alberta Food Matters (AFM), through urging from the GFSA network members, is now registered as an independent non-profit.  AFM operates the GFSA network and continues to support the valuable work throughout the province. The AFM board has identified the critical need to secure financial resources to further support food security/food sovereignty projects in Alberta. The GFSA will continue as the connecting arm of AFM and is part of the redesigned AFM web site.  

Thank you to everyone who is part of the Growing Food Security in Alberta Network who support food security and food sovereignty in Alberta! The GFSA and this web site will continue as the connecting arm of AFM. 

ALBERTA FOOD MATTERS is ready to move forward with our new ability to access financial resources to continue doing this work and support the Network. This means AFM can be a supporter for many of you as together we seek funding to help solve the challenges of food security and food sovereignty in Alberta.