The Open Source - SELRS Update

"Most people working in the non-profit sector would love it if their organization could do more with its existing staff and volunteer resources. We often care passionately about the work we do, but lament the wasteful ways we have to do things. Wasted hours, wasted money, wasted contacts, and wasted opportunities! We're tired of being frustrated by the way things are. We want to make a difference, a bigger difference." - Joseph Murray, PhD

Talk is cheap. Let's have a real conversation. SELRS Update

Our previous SELRS update told you about how we are entering a phase of conversation-mapping and relationship-building. We've been getting out, talking to each other and to people across the food system. The conversations last about an hour and allow us to get to know a bit better who people are, how they define and relate to terms like 'sustainable', 'equity', 'local', and 'regeneration'.

A Harvest Wedding

On a rainy weekend in mid-June of this year, my fiance (now husband) and I took off for a few days and nights of planning. Thanks to the rain and a big tent - we were cozy inside, working on our holistic goals for our life together as well as doing some more immediate scheduling for the rest of the year.

Susan's Provincial Update

I feel the urge to share with you some of what I have learned over the last month that shows things are really happening around food and opportunities across our province. By the end of this month I will have attended or presented at eight different gatherings, celebrations, panels and dinners all about food, and there are more coming up in November!


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