Have Your Say on Food Policy

The People’s Food Policy Project is a pan-Canadian network of citizens and organizations that is creating Canada’s first food sovereignty policy.

The heart of food sovereignty is reclaiming decision-making power in the food system. This means that people have a say in how their food is produced and where it comes from. Food sovereignty seeks to rebuild the relationship between people and the land, and between those who grow and harvest food and those who eat it. 

Food, Fuel and Finances - Vital Relationships!

GFSA is pleased to introduce a new category for our blog: Countdown to P2S.  This addition is being made to help build interest and momentum in recreating Alberta’s Food System and more specifically, to encourage participation in the Pathways 2 Sustainability (P2S) conference that is being planned for this February 2011.  This conference will examine food, fuel and finance and how the three areas can work together to find ways to ensure sustainable, resilient communities in Alberta. 

Passion and Perseverance – A Winning Combination in Brooks

The Food Coalition Society of Brooks is the “little organization that could”.  As a small non-profit organization it relies on the passion and perseverance of its volunteer board to keep things running.  But perhaps “running” is not the right description; it is more like sprinting!

What is Permaculture? by Adrian Buckley

It is very common to hear people talk about how humans are a cancer to this earth, particularly those people in the environmental movement. I felt this myself for a large period of my life, and currently so do many of my good friends. We all hear stories about human greed, destruction of ecosystems, climate change, political injustice, and most recently BP among others. This amounts to a lot of pessimistic energy. Personally speaking, I went through school and work constantly hearing about these stories, and I just felt more and more dis-empowered.


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