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Lacombe Food Intensive Workshop

Flurry of Feathers!!

Wow. SOOO much going on, my head is spinning!

As I'd mentioned in the last post, Red Deer City Council met yesterday afternoon to discuss the Urban Hens Pilot Project -what happened over the last year, what kind of feedback they'd had and where to go from here.

After a brief presentation by Joyce in Inspections & Licensing (I&L) and some questions from several of the Councillors, I started to get excited: the overall impression was that they all (but one) realized that

ACRES USA Conference Report

The Permaculture Pilgrimage of an Urban Farmer - SELRS Update

It was only mid-August when the nation's urban ag enthusiasts gathered in Toronto for the first Urban Ag Summit. Launching the new Grow T.O. plan, Torontonians set forth on an inspiring path to achieve greater urban resilience - starting with economy-driving local food systems. It made all of the work we've been doing with the SELRS project seem a lot more profound.


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