Food Matters across the province of Alberta

Albertans are leaders, and with that leadership comes a provincial responsibility. Our province has a responsibility to ensure we can grow and produce food that will feed our own people. No different than our commitment to safe communities, health care and education, all Albertans deserve access to enough nutritious food to maintain an active and healthy life.

Along with Food Secure Canada's groundbreaking document, "Resetting the Table - A Peoples' Food Policy for Canada",  a pamphlet and letter template for distribution to political leaders and policy makers in Alberta. The pamphlet explains the role Alberta has to play to ensure food security for all its residents, placing it as a high priority so we can meet our collective responsibility to feed our own by growing and producing local food.

WE proposed the following five questions for all Albertans to ask elected officials and all provincial party members:

Question 1

“What action would you take to support the development of a sustainable Alberta food economy that would ensure healthy food for all children and families in Alberta? (re: Provincial Food Policy - engaging Alberta politicians in its development)”
Question 2 "The research shows that our most marginalized struggle to put food on the table even with the existing social safety net. What actions and policies would you take to ensure those most marginalized in Alberta have access to healthy food?"
Question 3 “What actions and steps would you take to ensure food security for all Albertans?”
Question 4 “Do you believe the province of Alberta is food secure? What are the key elements that will make it so?”
Question 5 “What do you see as the relationship between the vitality of our rural communities and the food system in Alberta?”

To help you understand effective citizen action that improves our food security, you can download the Art of Advocacy publication here.

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