General Food Security

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Supports for Independence and the Cost of Living in Alberta: Regional Differences
Contact: The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters
12739 Fort Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 1A7
Phone: 780-456-7000 Fax: 780-456-7001

The Basic Shelf Cookbook-
City of York Health Unit
Order info:
504 Oakwook Avenue
City of York, Ontario
M6E 2X1
Distributed by: Canadian Public Health Association
Health Resources Centre
400-1565 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Z 8R
Telephone: 613-725-3769 Fax: 613-725-9826

Shop Smart Food Tips - Consumer’s Association of Canada (1997)
Cost: Free
Consumer’s Association of Canada
Box 9300
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3T9
Phone: 613-238-2533 Fax: 613-563-2254

The Senior Chef
Crown Publications Inc.
Cost: $11.72 (tax included)
Contact: Crown Publications Inc.
521 Fort Street
Victoria, British Columbia
V5W 1E7
Telephone: 250-386-4636 Fax: 250-386-0221

Tracking the Trends- The Cost of Healthy Living – report
Edmonton Social Planning Council (2000)
Cost: $10.00
Contact: Edmonton Social Planning Council
Suite 41, 9912-106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 1C5
Phone: 780-423-2031 Fax: 780-425-6244

Instant Chef 1- Simple Meals for Small Budgets
Instant Chef 2- Simple Meals for Small Budgets
Instant Chef 3- Meatless Meals for Small Budgets
Grant MacEwan Community College
Cost: $9.95 (orders of 10 or more), $7.95 each
Contact: Grant MacEwan Community College, Mill Woods Campus
7319-29th Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta
T6K 2P1

Stir it Up Video (Collective Kitchens)
Attention: Consumer Education Project
National Film Board (1994)
Cost: $39.95 (institutional) $19.95 (consumer)
Contact: National Film Board- Customer Service
Box 6100
Station Centre-ville Montreal, Quebec
H3C 3H5
Phone: 1-800-267-7710 Fax: 514-283-7564
For more information go to: National Film Board of Canada - Stir it Up

Food Fact Sheets. Nominal fee.
Shopping Skills Manual - Cost: $15.00 single copy, $50.00
Reproducible master copy
Regina Home Economics for Living Project
Contact: Regina Home Economics for Living Project Inc.
735 Victoria Ave
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 0R1  Phone: 306-347-7877

Food Insecurity in Canadian Households
Statistics Canada
Health Reports, Vol.12, No.4
Catalogue 82-003

Surrey Food Bank
The Thrifty Kitchen Cookbook
Cost: $3.00 for 2-49 copies, $2.00 for 50-99 copies
Contact: Surrey Food Bank
10732- 135 Street
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4C7