Getting Involved with Food Security in Alberta

What is Alberta Food matters and the GFSA Network?
Alberta Food Matters works to foster leadership, relationships and actions that reconnect people, land and food in Alberta; Alberta Food Matters grows through community development, research and evidence-based approaches, policy development and skill building, educational projects, programs and workshops. The GFSA Network (now operating through the new non-profit Alberta Food Matters) connects and links people, organizations and groups, to each other and to resources. Together we can find creative solutions to achieve Food Security in Alberta!
What does our connecting arm, the GFSA Network do?
With the help of each Network participants the Network will:
  • Identify and connect individuals, groups, organizations and resources
  • Provide a forum for discussion and a means for effective collective and individual action toward achieving Food Security, using the GFSA Web site and the listserv as vehicles
  • Support and encourage the exchange and the documentation of Food Security success stories
Key Messages
The Key Messages on which the AFM and the GFSA Network are  focusing include:
  • Food Security is an issue for everyone
  • Our food choices have a profound effect on our community
  • There are lots of opportunities to get involved in Food Security & Food Sovereignty
  • We want to use creative solutions to achieve Food Security & Food Sovereignty
  • A Universal School Food Strategy for Alberta
Who is involved in the AFM and GFSA Network?
The AFM and GFSA Network include people, groups, and organizations that are keenly interested and/or impacted by Food Security in Alberta or wish to learn about it.
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