Hinton Greenhouse a Success!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Hinton Community Gardens and Greenhouse.  I had the fortune of being involved with this group when they began and it is amazing to see how far they have come.  The group originally planned to do something around building a community garden but with the input of many the idea grew and WOW! I saw it and it is awesome.  Atta go Hinton!  It was so exciting to see the Hinton Community Garden all set up - gardens and greenhouse, thriving plants and veggies and the second Greenhouse ready for operation in Spring 2012.  The dream of an amazing group has come true.  After over two years work and thousands of hours of volunteer work and corporate donations it is a reality. The gardens all look so beautiful!   Have a look at the web site and follow the blog at http://www.hintoncommunitygreenhouse.org/Welcome.html   or http://sbgarden2011.blogspot.com/ 

This proves it! You can do it in these colder climes.  Hinton has shown the way. Never give up, keep looking, connect, and things will happen!   That is what this incredible group in Hinton has taught me! I urge you all - don’t drive by, go down the hill and take a look!  The Hinton Community Garden Society will be throwing a party to celebrate their success this fall!  They have a lot to celebrate and a lot to teach us!  

Submitted by: Susan Roberts, GFSA Coordinator