Our People

The Alberta Food Matters Board of Directors was formed from members of the public, groups and organizations who are keenly interested in the promotion of food security and food sovereignty for people of Alberta. A broad variety of groups and interests from all across Alberta are represented. 


AFM Board of Directors 


Susan Roberts lives in Jasper Alberta, and is a P.E. Islander by birth. Susan is semi-retired from her 20 years love of working in Asset-based Community Development and community coaching across Canada and the US. as a community coach and facilitator and owner of Community Building Resources. 

Over the last 15 years Susan has focused her energy in being a strong sustainable food systems and food sovereignty advocate in Canada and Alberta. 

Susan is secretary for the Board of Food Secure Canada and the Vice Chair of the Jasper Local Food Society.  

Mom of two grown sons, and Nanny to four grand children. Susan is an avid urban and country gardener, and finds joy in cycling our beautiful country, skiing, hiking, and getting her hands dirty. Susan believes in surrounding herself with positive energy, positive people and positive activity. 

Bottom Line -  Have Fun, Eat together and get it done!!



Brenda Barritt (M.Sc.)  After following her career and stomach around the world and back again, Brenda moved back to rural Alberta to work on her Master's thesis - studying farming systems through the lens of ecological resilience. Brenda now lives near Alix, Alberta on the farm she runs with her husband and young son.

Earth Works Farm focuses on producing nourishing food from healthy ecosystems, raising livestock for direct-to-eater sales. She is involved in community development related to building a more sustainable, equitable, locale-based, regenerative system for food.  In addition to farming and food, Brenda also is the manager for the Stettler Adult Learning Council.  

Her favourite room in the house is the kitchen - her husband says that she pronounces food with an extra ‘o’ to emphasize its role.  Her exploring ways means she’s enjoying reacquainting herself to the prairie landscape and becoming native to this place and point in time.   



Melissa Scaman

Owner - Ingenuity Consulting

Edmonton, AB


Kayla Atkey

Policy Analyst - Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

Edmonton, AB


Wanda Laurin - lives in Peace River, Alberta. Born in Calgary, her mom & dad moved their young family to a farm west of Innisfail when she was one year old. Farming and gardening is in her history!

Wanda is, and usually has been, a half-time teacher at Springfield Elementary for the past 27 years. She and husband Paul, have raised three awesome daughters and now have 4 grand-daughters and twin grandsons. She, her husband and daughters are all avid gardeners.

Wanda has been involved in the Ground Level Youth community garden for the past 6 years, and just this year also is working with École des Quatres Vents at their school based community garden. Each garden has a unique set-up for who participates and how decisions are made. Wanda also belongs to the Peace of the Whole Holistic Management group and the Peace Permaculture group. These two organizations are a means to share information on stewardship of the land and the mental wellbeing of the caretakers of the land. 

Her philosophy in life is, enjoy the moment, plan for the future and consider: We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Elizabeth McLennan

Calgary, AB


Steve Pederson

Public Health Consultant

Cardston, AB