Peoples Food Policy Project

GREAT NEWS! The People's Food Policy, "Resetting the Table: A People's Food Policy" was officially launched on April 18, 2011.  Alberta and GFSA have been very involved in this national movement!  Use this paper to chat with your colleagues, the media and politicians.  For more information about the People's Food Policy Project, visit the web site at

The People's Food Policy Project: building food sovereignty in Canada from the ground up - builds on the work of the People's Food Commission, which was held between 1977 and 1980 and which summarized hearings in 75 communities across Canada in a final report entitled, the Land of Milk and Money.  The Commission revealed the structure of the food system in Canada and the plight of small-scale farming and fisheries, along with increasing impoverishment in cities and among Indigenous people.

The new PFPP is engaging the grassroots food security movement in Canada to examine the framework offered by the Food Sovereignty concept and its six pillars and the policies which are needed to create food sovereignty in Canada.  It works through local leaders, called ‘Animators’, who have been working in their regions towards this goal (Phase 1), which will be followed by broader community engagement (Phase 2) and finally a policy submission to the Federal Government in 2012.  For more information visit

The People's Food Policy Project is backed by a growing number of concerned citizens and organizations across the country. It is a unique opportunity to develop a concrete food sovereignty policy for Canada – a policy framework that reflects our common values of health, justice and sustainability. The result will be a new Canadian food policy developed by the grassroots across the country, and greatly strengthened community leadership able to engage and influence policy makers at every level in support of this new food policy. 

A total of 270 policy submissions were submitted from across Canada by the December 14th 2009 deadline.   Most were the result of: conversations with other people, community discussions and gatherings, research or engaged processes (like in Quebec and Manitoba where there were provincial food commissions). 

Alberta submitted seven policies through GFSA. The GFSA process used by Animators, Angie Dedrick and Susan Roberts, was described in a summary document which was submitted along with the policies. These policies were derived from 10 community meetings held across the province.