You're invited! Central Alberta Permaculture Convergence

Converge  [kuh
n-vurj] verb, -verged, -verg·ing. - to approach, to focus, to come together

Summer has us packing up our tents or campers and heading out to the lakes or woods or mountains.  Sometimes solo with with one other key individual and sometimes with packs of friends or family - reunions seem to be natural gatherings around the campfire or barbecue. 

Summer is also that season that has us watching and tending to the seeds we've planted, started to taste the fruits (and vegetables) of our labours, and moving closer and closer to the days of harvest and plenty.

Putting these two summer 'themes' together - it seemed perfect timing to host a gathering of permaculture designers/thinkers/gardeners/friends (whatever you want to identify yourself as, we're not picky!) for a weekend of coming together to learn, laugh, share and explore. 

So we're hosting the 2011 Alberta Permaculture Convergence at T.H.E County Cocoon in central Alberta, August 26-28, 2011. 

It's a working farm complete with chickens, cows and ducks (and who knows what else by August!). 

The power of the permaculture network is that it is spread, divergent and has many of us taking action in our local places and spaces (even if we don't call it permaculture!).  The intention behind this convergence is to provide a space for the permaculture community to meet, share knowledge and experience, and inspire each other.

If you have read this far and are wondering - Perma-who?  Am I one?

Here's a great article on "What is Permaculture" -

We are looking forward to hosting you, meeting you and learning from you!  In the mean time - check out our blog at  -- we need to get back to mulching the garden and fixing up chicken tractors for the summer!

Your hosts -

Connie, Vance and Brenda

Connie Barritt has been operating a custom-grazing cattle operation using Holistic Management practices for over 20 years. Connie is an active host of WWOOFers and took her Permaculture Design Certificate with Verge Permaculture in August 2010. Her son, Vance Barritt returned to the farm in June 2010.  He took his Permaculture Design Certificate with Pacific Permaculture in July 2010.  He is also taking a Holistic Management course in spring 2011.  Together - Connie and Vance are continuing to look at ways to improve their farm and environment and they are looking forward to hosting you, your ideas and inspiration.

Brenda Schroeder was introduced to permaculture during her recently completed MSc in Holistic Science - writing her thesis on Ecological Resilience and Farming Systems. Her studies brought her home to east-central Alberta and into a new partnership with Vance.