A Universal School Food Strategy for Alberta

GFSA Buzz Current Projects: Advocating for a Universal School Food Strategy for Alberta 

Like many Albertans, we believe that all children living in Alberta have the right to nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle. We also think it’s important to teach younger generations the value of food that is nutritious and sustainably produced.

Introducing Alberta Food Matters!

Growing Food Security in Alberta over the past 12 years has supported several food security/food sovereignty and community development projects in rural Alberta. Dietitians of Canada supported some of our financial requests for these projects.

Food Matters across the province of Alberta

Albertans are leaders, and with that leadership comes a provincial responsibility. Our province has a responsibility to ensure we can grow and produce food that will feed our own people. No different than our commitment to safe communities, health care and education, all Albertans deserve access to enough nutritious food to maintain an active and healthy life.

Alberta map of local food

The brain of the GFSA website, this map connects people with food-related assets in Alberta. When we know where people and places are, we can connect to them and build relationships essential to ensure food security and food sovereignty! Please submit a listing if you know of one that we're missing.


Stories and updates on activities and projects of GFSA members from across the Province of Alberta. We're seeking submissions to keep this section fresh and informative so the network grows and grows and grows!

GFSA Library

The GFSA Library is a collection of manuals, reports, etc. that we have come across and find particularly interesting and / or useful. It's an on-demand virtual library! If you have any documents you would like us to post, please send them to info@foodsecurityalberta.org

Coming Attractions

This is a list of food-related events in calendar format. Here you'll find info on conferences, workshops, webinars and more - people coming together to build food security in Alberta! If you have an event you'd like to see listed please send the complete details to info@foodsecurityalberta.org