Access to Food In Alberta

To get connected to your local food connections a town-by-town listing of all organizations and groups that provide food security support and services has been developed by AHS Nutrition Services. Click here to find  Access to Food in Alberta 2013*, formerly Your Local Food Connections.  The local food map on this web site has enhanced this resource with other information on food connections from others from across the province -

* Note: This document was originally completed in January, 2005 and the authors intend to update on a yearly basis.

Access to Food in Alberta is an on-line resource of organizations in Alberta that provide emergency food, cooking programs and other community food programs. Examples of information provided include; food banks, community meals, Meals on Wheels, community gardens, group cooking and Canada Prenatal Nutrition Programs.

The information is organized by community. To find programs in your community, look for your community’s name and click on it.

Whom is Access to Food in Alberta for?

  • Anyone working with individuals or families who need help getting food or learning basic cooking or gardening skills.
  • Individuals or families who need help getting food or learning where they can connect to cooking or gardening programs.

The public can participate in most of the programs listed but if there are participation restrictions, they are indicated in the description.

Access to Food in Alberta is developed and updated by Registered Dietitians from Alberta Health Services. Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone who you think may find it useful.  This information is also being added to the GFSA Local Food Map on this web site. 

To learn and understand more about the different Food Security services and resources available in your community review the definitions.