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Envision an Ecologically Sound, Socially Just Food System for Alberta

Less than two weeks remain until local producers, school food advocates, retailers, researchers, policy makers and practitioners from across the province will come together at Cultivating Connections Forum 2017 (#CC2017). The forum aims to inspire systems-based solutions for an economically vibrant, ecologically sound, and socially just food system within Alberta.

The Edge Effect

Much has been written in the field of Ecology regarding the Edge Effect. In short, the effect describes the zone (known as Ecotone’s) between two ecological communities, which promotes greater biodiversity due to the increase in favorable conditions for life to flourish. For example, consider the biodiversity where land meets water or where forest meets grassland. These ecotones often support an increased biodiversity due to the abundance of resources from both (or multiple) ecological communities overlapping the same space.

From farm to forum to table

Researching local food systems

Sustainability of our food system is a crucial issue that has stimulated widespread interest in the re-localizing production and consumption. With potential benefits such as superior freshness and taste, reduced carbon emissions, increased food security, more reliable incomes for small-scale farmers and contributing to overall stronger local economies, it’s no wonder that the local food scene has surged in popularity across Alberta.

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