GFSA Working Groups

BUZZ (Campaigning for Food Policy) - creating awareness about food security and ultimately strengthening community or social policies to improve food security for all. The GFSA Buzz is currently involved in efforts to advocate for improved school food in Alberta.

CBFS-SELRS Workshop - updating the CBFS workshop agenda to incorporate the SELRS lenses and framework

Farm to Cafeteria - supporting the local efforts of the National Farm to Cafeteria Project

Leadership and Champion Development - developing the people and relationships for food security to thrive

Awareness and Education (GFSA Website) - developing and maintaining the GFSA Web Site and communication tools using Open Source Technology.

Evaluation - evaluating project activities to find out what works.  Click to download "Evaluation Graphic Logic Models" for GFSA.

Evaluation Reports 2006/2007:
1.  Sowing the Seeds from the Provincial Food Security Network - Community Asset Mapping, Capacity Building and Actions for Food Security - Evaluation Report - May 2007
2. Network Report - April 2007
3.  Short Network Survey Report - April 2007

Evaluation Reports 2008/2009:
1.  Sustaining the Growth: Action on Food Security Across Alberta - Evaluation Report 2008/2009 and Executive Summary

Research - GFSA is seeking to promote and support research focusing on Food Security. GFSA is currently working with the University of Alberta Department of Rural Economy, ReThink Red Deer, and others to identify best pratices for building food security and to explore research partnership opportunities.