History of Growing Food Security in Alberta

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Growing Food Security in Alberta (GFSA) began with the Provincial Nutritionists of Alberta and Dietitians of Canada. Their goal was to "alleviate hunger and improve the nutritional health, overall well being and food security of Albertans and Canadians." It was felt that an important first step toward this goal would be the creation of a sustainable provincial food security network. The group was successful in obtaining a two-year grant from Health Canada – Population and Public Health Branch*.

In February 2003, Community Building Resources was hired to coordinate the GFSA project. To help lay the foundation for an Alberta Food Security network, an “Environmental Scan and Comprehensive Inventory” was conducted. This scan provided a picture of the food security initiatives that existed across Alberta in March 2003.  A follow-up Scan, "Environmental Scan Follow-up Interviews", was conducted in July 2003.

To view the reports click here:
Environmental Scan and Comprehensive Inventory, April 16, 2003
Environmental Scan Follow-up Interviews, July 10, 2003

On April 17, 2003 twelve Albertans came together to form the GFSA Steering Committee. Together, the Steering Committee has developed the Vision and Mission for the project and has been working hard to achieve them.  We are appreciative of the funds received from Health Canada and the South West Alberta Coalition on Poverty.

GFSA has been involved in creating awareness about food security and ultimately strengthening community or social policies to improve food security for all through the Policy sub group.  Examples of policy efforts include a letter to Alberta Employment and Human Resources regarding the Low Income Review and a letter to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association regarding their resolution on minimum wage and affordability of housing.  More recently a election backgrounder was created and widely circulated for the 2004 Provincial Elections in November.  To view these documents click below.
Letter to AUMA (December '03)
Letter to Alberta Employment and Human Resources (July '03)
2004 Alberta Provincial Election Backgrounder (November '04)