Growing Food Security in Alberta over the past 12 years has supported several food security/food sovereignty and community development projects in rural Alberta. Dietitians of Canada supported some of our financial requests for these projects.

More recently, we have identified a need to secure financial resources independently to support further food security/food sovereignty projects in Alberta as well as the Growing Food Security in Alberta Network. We have a board of directors and have incorporated as a non-profit company in Alberta in order to continue this valuable work throughout the province. The name of this new non-profit company is Alberta Food Matters (AFM). Thank you to Dietitians of Canada for their support! Thank you to everyone for their contributions and feedback to make this a reality! Thank you to everyone who is part of the Growing Food Security in Alberta Network who support food security and food sovereignty in Alberta! The GFSA and this web site will continue as the connecting arm of Alberta Food Matters.

Alberta Food Matters is ready to move forward with our new ability to access financial resources to continue doing this work and support the Network. This means AFM can be a supporter for many of you as together we seek funding to help solve the challenges of food security and food sovereignty in Alberta.


Submitted by Susan Roberts