Mark your Calendars! Cultivating Connections, Alberta Regional Food Systems Forum February 3rd-5th, 2017

From community garden development and growing numbers of local producers, to healthy school food initiatives and innovations in food systems research, it’s clear that regional food systems are growing across Alberta.

With these exciting developments in mind, Alberta Food Matters and FLEdGE – Food Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged are pleased to announce Cultivating Connections, Alberta Regional Food Systems Forum. The forum is taking place from February 3rd to 5th, 2017 at the Northlands Expo Center in Edmonton, Alberta.

Cultivating Connections will gather people from all areas of Alberta’s regional food systems to identify tangible opportunities to collaborate, as well as to inspire initiatives for vibrant regional food systems with improved access to local, nutritious food for all.

Cultivating Connections aims to:

  • Forge new working relationships among diverse food system players
  • Increase effective collaboration for innovations in food production, processing, and distribution; and,
  • Develop systems-based solutions resulting in economically vibrant, ecologically sound, and socially just food systems that increase access to healthy food for all

Whether you are a farmer, greenhouse grower, dietitian, chef, school educator, permacultrualist, policy-maker or foodie, Cultivating Connections has something for you!

Be sure to check back regularly for conference updates and program information.

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